How to protect your face from cold and wind⠀
📸 shomi52525 | TW⠀
#winter #hairmask #9gag

Favorite board currently, iGK64 hot-swappable PCB, real wood frame, Kailh Box Royal switches, DSA Dolch keycaps. #mechanicalkeyboards

Oh, wat gibbet denn in der e-Post? Einen 35C3 Voucher. Yeah!

@Gargron muss ich als Betreiber einer (private betriebenen, nicht kommerziellen) Mastodon-Instanz eigentlich auch eine Datenschutzerklärung in die Terms tun? Oder reicht ein Imprint mit Name/Anschrift/Email aus? Danke DIr!

If anyone out there with a Mastodon instance below 2.0.0 needs help upgrading, I'll do it

Anybody in Boston area want a #job?

We have several openings but I'm mostly hoping to find a #DevOps person here.

It will probably be unlike any DevOps role you've ever seen,
as we have a healthy mix of physical & cloud servers, Windows & Linux, Embedded C to JavaScript, ARM Cortex to extreme gameing rigs. Unfortunately this means you can't be remote :(

We make robots that go inside people and fix them which is #cybre AF and probably less evil than your average tech company.

DM for deets!

Mastodon :mastodon: security:

In August, Mastodon 2.4.4 was released which contains two fixes for security vulnerabilities.

Today, 39.5% of all Mastodon instances which show their version number are still running vulnerable Mastodon < 2.4.4.

We already checked this twice:

– 10/1/18: 42% vulnerable
– 8/23/18: 38.6% vulnerable

Either the remaining instances are all unmaintained or admins refuse to update.

#mastodon #security #vulnerability #infosec #security #cybersecurity

Oooh, new GitLab version with merge requests review? Lemme read up on that...

Any Android devs who'd be interested in joining us at a #35C3 "Free Software on Android" assembly? We're currently trying to gather some interested parties here:

I just moved my complete Mastodon server setup into Docker containers. Makes life (updates, ruby gem-o-rama) so much easier.

Aus dem Medienarchiv: "Online gehen - lohnt sich das?" 😆

Shit now I want to make this guy our mascot.

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